This 10,000 hp drag boat is 10 times faster than a Bugatti Chiron

It does 0-273 mph in just 3 seconds, burning 8 gallons of fuel and pulling 4.5 Gs in the process.

by | Published on 21st Feb 2023

This crazy hydro boat was built to compete in drag races and it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

It delivers over 10,000 hp and it can fly above the water.

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The boat was built by Kinsley Race Cars & Marine in Texas, in partnership with Carroll-Haas Racing and Liquid Voodoo.

It is technically a hydro foil, which means the boat can lift itself above the water as its speed increases.


Todd Haas, part owner of Carroll-Haas Racing, actually calls it a bullet hydro.

The term bullet refers to the speed, but also the shape.

This being a drag-racing weapon, its aerodynamic capabilities are just as important as its power – if not more.

And in terms of power, there’s plenty to go around.

“It’s a fiberglass, carbon fiber boat,” David Carroll of Carroll-Haas Racing explains.

“It has a 500-inch engine, making a little bit north of 10,000 horsepower,” he said.

Mind you, it comes at a cost.

It burns around eight gallons of nitrogen fuel every 875 feet.

The boat recently set a Southern Drag Boat Association (SDBA) speed record for the 1,000 ft course.

It took just three seconds to accelerate from standstill to 440 km/h (273 mph).

To put things into perspective, the Bugatti Chiron takes about 30 seconds to get to 249 mph.

The footage is impressive, the boat doesn’t accelerate, it explodes into action.

And while doing that, it can pull more than 4.5 Gs of force in 1.5 seconds, which is more than most F1 drivers experience during a Formula One grand prix.

10000 hp drag boat price

The boat itself isn’t too expensive and you can find similar boats that can be used as a ‘shell’ for a hydro bullet for about $100,000.

Unfortunately, the cost will quickly go up once you factor in the necessary modifications and the engine.

So if you want to build a DIY drag boat, get ready to fork out anywhere between $500,000 and $1 million.



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