Watching this weird 18-wheel ATV move will freak you out

The insect-looking ATV uses its 18 wheels, which act like tank tracks, to tackle seriously tough terrain.

by | Published on 27th Jul 2023

The vast majority of people are freaked out by creatures with too many legs or eyes. 

And at first sight, this 18-wheel ATV triggers similar emotions.

But while it might look like a centipede, it’s actually a crazy custom ATV.

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The ATV was created by 18 Wheels – a company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Now, what the Finnish don’t know about ATVs isn’t worth knowing ( they know what they’re doing).

What they’ve conjured up here is an electric-powered off-road rig with a motor in each of its 18 wheels.

That’s where it gets its name.

Its design – which is unique to say the least – allows it to roll over obstacles up to 7.8 inches (19.8 centimeters) high and do it at speed.

Tree trunks, rocks, curbs – you name it – can all be crested by the machine.

How so? Well, its nifty suspension design makes its wheels act almost like tank treads.

The really clever bit is, it’s designed to travel off-road without damaging the surface it’s riding on.

The real reason it has 18 wheels is because it massively reduces the ground pressure of the vehicle by spreading the weight across a much larger area.

It also further reduces impact on the terrain as its wheels fold back and then roll over obstacles.

The 18-wheel ATV makes easy work of some pretty tough terrain.

In the video above, it manages to scramble across huge piles of jagged rocks, drive through shallow water, and even bounce over fallen tree trunks.

Apparently, the guys behind the crazy 18-wheel ATV are already working on a second prototype to iron out some issues identified in testing.

There’s no denying the ATV’s off-roading capabilities – you just need to get over its strange insect-like appearance.



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