This guy just built his very own car out of scrap metal

Kelvin built this car from scratch using scrap metal he found in junkyards. It also has a working speedometer, RPM gauge, and functioning gull-wing doors. 

by | Published on 17th Jul 2023

This is Kelvin Odartei Cruickshank and he just spent the past five years building a car from scratch. 

Kelvin grew up in Ghana and he has no engineering degree to speak of, or any degree for that matter. 

But that hasn’t stopped him from building his very own, fully functioning vehicle.

You can watch the full vid here!

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Kelvin’s passion for engines and machines started early. 

When he was just 10, he said he spent all his free time in his family’s garage building little robots, toy planes, and vacuum cleaners. 

He didn’t have money to buy the pieces he needed, instead, he used bits and pieces of discarded metal he found in town. 

Kelvin eventually graduated from building gadgets in his parents’ garage and set his sights on something much bigger.

He started visiting local car shops to learn how they were made and got to work collecting useful scrap metal from junkyards. 

He said he found almost everything he needed for the DIY car, except for the engine. 

For that, he worked a few different part-time jobs and saved his earnings to buy a motorbike engine. 

Kelvin says in total, he spent less than $3,000 on the car, including the engine.

After five years of hard work, the project was finally finished. 

And it’s pretty remarkable. 

It has everything you’d find in an average car, including the steering wheel, gearstick, rearview mirror, and even a built-in radio for music. 

It also has a working speedometer, RPM gauge, and functioning gull-wing doors. 

To finish it off, Kelvin painted it bright turquoise blue, lined the interior with LED lights, gave it an imitation air intake at the front, a massive wing at the back, and a badge. 

The logo says Kelsus, after the name of the car, which he’s called the Kelsus P1, and has a running horse (look out Mustang and Ferrari).

Kelvin isn’t stopping there either. 

He has big ambitions. 

The young Ghanaian told he has his sights set on renewable projects next.

“My vision is to build a renewable product for transportation and everyday living,” he said. 

Watch this space! 



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