Couple convert 18-wheeler semi-truck into a luxury home which they happily live in

This thing is so big it contains a garage with a motorbike and a jet ski in it.
  • The couple are both over 65
  • They converted the commercial truck completely by themselves
  • It even features a home cinema and a library

Published on Nov 10, 2023 at 7:27PM (UTC+4)

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Couple convert 18-wheeler semi truck into a luxury mobile home which they happily live in 1
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An elderly couple is traveling around America in their 18-wheeler mobile home.

They converted the old commercial tractor themselves.

The home is fully kitted out, featuring a balcony, a movie theatre, and a library.

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Clayton and Teresa took five years creating their dream mobile home.

Now they spend their days traveling through the countryside in their 18-wheeler semi truck.

Like most nomads, the couple wanted to make a huge change in their lives.

Unlike most nomads, they’re both over 65.

A few years ago they decided to sell their home and take to the road.

But they didn’t want to live in a cramped space with foldaway beds and tables.

They wanted something a little larger than your average RV.

“I figured if you’re going to go big you might as well go the biggest you can go,” Clayton says

They bought a 2004 Volvo VNL tractor with a 15-liter engine.

Next, they bought a 53ft trailer with an aluminium body.

Clayton spent five years converting the vehicle from a commercial truck to a mobile home.

Altogether, they spent $250,000 on the tractor, trailer and all the mods.

The home they refer lovingly to as the Nomad Monster is a gigantic 74ft long.

It weighs 80,000 pounds and reaches top speeds of just 50mph.

Not that they’ve got anywhere to be.

“I just like to drive,” Teresa says.

The couple has designed the inside to maximise comfort and relaxation.

The dining room chairs are old movie theater seats they won at an auction.

There’s a library with a fireplace upstairs, complete with a drinks station for making cups of tea.

They’ve also built a mini cinema.

Here they both watch films and edit their YouTube videos.

The home cinema is fitted with a powerful sound system, and thankfully there are no neighbours around to file noise complaints.

Their bedroom features a rolling bed, a walk-in wardrobe area and custom ceiling tiles that give the place a regal finish.

In the back, Clayton has a garage filled with tools and his ‘toys’.

He’s got a jet ski, an electric bike and a 2022 Honda Gold Wing.

The roof of the mobile home has 20 solar panels that charge everything from the laundry room to the air fryer.

Upstairs there’s a deck for the couple to enjoy looking out at wherever they’ve parked that day.

Clayton has done all the mods himself and has the tool shed to do plenty more.

But his work on the truck is done.

“What more could you want?” he asks.

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