Watch these guys try to get an Opel GT running after 30 years abandoned

Most people would've opened the hood of the 1972 Opel GT and given up there – not these guys, though. They've made it their mission to get her going again.

by | Published on 23rd Mar 2023

The Opel GT is a pretty cool-looking little sports car.

So when these guys found two rotting after years of abandonment, they made it their mission to bring at least one of them back to life.

The decision as to which one was easy – only one had an engine and transmission.

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At the start, they load both vehicles onto a trailer to take back to their shop.

Once there, they got to work on the 1972 Opel GT that had sat abandoned for 30 years.

And luckily for us, the guys over at Turnin Rust document the whole process from start to finish.

Popping the hood, they soon realize the task they had on their hands.

The entire engine bay was filled with compact debris limiting access to the important components.

So, they removed the hood to get full access and vacuum away the debris.

That was easier said than done, as the debris was so compact it barely budged.

Once they’d cleared the bulk of it, they hooked up a battery to see if she would turn over.

There was little sign of life, so they presumed the water pump was frozen and went ahead and cut the belt.

They then pulled the plugs and sprayed lubricant into the cylinders so it wasn’t running dry.

It eventually broke free and was actually turning over pretty well.

So they cleaned up the plugs, replaced all the wires, and added some fresh oil to the engine.

Next up they dropped some fuel into the carburetor.

All of a sudden, a big white plume of smoke came from the exhaust as the Opel GT fired up.

As the car wouldn’t run of its own accord, the guys had to hook up an independent fuel tank.

It would then idle, so the guys attempted to put air in the tires so it could move.

With the trailer lowered, they hopped inside and slowly drove the Opel GT off the bed, with it moving under its own power.

Considering how bad the engine bay looked at the beginning of the video, it’s a surprise they managed to get the car running again after 30 years.



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