This Ferrari Enzo has never been driven, and it’s now for sale

This 2003 Ferrari Enzo for sale has never been used, driven or even registered: it still has factory protective plastic over the pedals and around the seats.

by | Published on 2nd Mar 2023

It’s happened again: another beautiful car that’s never been driven just hit the market.

This time it’s a 2003 Ferrari Enzo in mint condition, and it’s now for sale.

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What makes this particular listing even crazier is the Ferrari Enzo you see here was never even registered.

It was originally shipped to Japan, where it spent exactly twenty years in an air-conditioned vault.

Only 141 miles (227 km) in twenty years works out at 7 miles a year.

So that means the owner has only moved the car around to have it serviced once or twice a year.

And that’s not the end of the story either because, in the pictures provided by RM Sotheby’s, we can see the factory protective plastic over the pedals, the seats belts and even side sills.

Still, at least the owner got they wanted because the Enzo looks like it was built yesterday and delivered to the showroom this morning.

The Enzo is painted in metallic silver with tan leather interior and it is absolutely spotless.

Under the carbon fiber body, you’ll find one of the greatest engines ever made by Ferrari.

It’s a naturally-aspirated, non-hybrid V12, delivering 651 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque.

It’s such a shame the owner never gave this wonderful engine the chance to stretch its pistons.

Mind you, the next owner will probably do exactly the same.

The Enzo is available from RM Sotheby’s, offered without reserve.

The auction house hasn’t provided a pre-sale estimate for it but we can always guesstimate.

Back when it was new, the Ferrari Enzo had an MSRP of $659,000.

These days you can’t find one under $3 million and back in 2021, a red Enzo sold for $6 million.

Considering its condition, this one is likely to fetch at least $3.5 million.



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