2024 MINI Cooper EV shows off next-level operating system and out-of-this-world tech

The upcoming MINI Cooper EV gets a brand new operating system, as well as an ultra-slim 9.3-inch OLED display that dominates the dash.

by | Published on 28th Jul 2023

It might not look that different on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside of the 2024 MINI Cooper EV that really stands out.

The car’s cabin design has just been revealed, and it boasts some pretty neat tech.

For starters, the new three-door-only Cooper Hatch has been treated to a new operating system.

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The Operating System 9 software set-up handles the car’s infotainment and other elements of the driving experience.

This is done through a new, ultra-slim 9.4-inch round OLED display.

That’ll be music to the ears of MINI fans, as it will dominate the car’s dashboard, much like the circular displays of the past.

Not only has this new tech been developed in-house by the brand, but the system is based on Android software.

That’s really good news, as it opens a new world of personalization potential and feature availability.

The new MINI Cooper EV features ‘Experience Modes’ set-up, too, which according to the brand, delivers an “immersive driving experience”

Basically, the different driving modes change LED light throughout the cabin.

This includes projections on the fabric dash top – but that’s only if you specify the light projector.

It alters the feel of the cabin and, teamed with new sound signatures, enhances the experience according to MINI.

So, in ‘Core’ which is default mode, driving sounds can be heard both inside and out the car, helping warn pedestrians.

‘Go-Kart’ is a sports-like mode that tweaks the car’s dynamic response, while also changing the LED lighting to anthracite and red, and giving a gruntier soundtrack.

Next up is ‘Green’ which, as the name suggests, focuses on efficiency so there’s green ambient lighting.

Let’s face it, nobody likes plodding along, so to spice things up there’s animal animations on the screen highlighting the level of driving efficiency achieved.

‘Balanced’ mode and soundscape “is based on the noises heard in a forest at different times of the day and night – from the rippling of a stream and the chirping of crickets to the rusting of the wind in the tree tops.”

Yes, really.

The penultimate mode is ‘Timeless’ which changes the screen to a classic MINI speedo and the sound of the original car’s A-Series engine mixed with the exhaust note of the MINI GP.

Finally, ‘Vivid’ mode focuses on the presentation of media content.

So, it displays the artwork of music being played and even allows for a personal setting where you can upload a photo of your choice.

The system then detects the main color from the picture and extends this across the screen to better integrate the image.

Neat stuff.

It’s also worth mentioning the MINI Cooper EV’s intelligent personal assistant.

Activated by saying “Hey MINI”, you can ask what the weather is like at your destination or even tell the car you’re hungry.

The new OS9 tech then brings up suggestions of places to eat and drink.

It’ll also show charging stations along the given route, which will perhaps be of more use to you. 



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