This 246-foot catamaran is a massive retro-futuristic supercar on water

Meet Decadence, a 246-foot catamaran that's so large it can accommodate a master suite the size of a 5-star hotel entrance hall.

by | Published on 8th Jun 2023

This is Decadence, a multi-hull 246-foot catamaran that looks like a supercar on water.

She has the perfect name, too, because this is possibly the most decadent ship you’ll ever come across.

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Decadence is what people in the yachting industry call a ‘SWATH’, which stands for Small Waterplane Are Twin Hull.

Yes, this apparently qualifies as a ‘small’ waterplane’ and no, the irony is not lost on us.

Levity aside, Decadence is a serious piece of engineering.

When the ship is in motion, the two cylindrical outer hulls are submerged underwater, and they’re connected to the main hull via stilts.

In yachting jargon, this reduces ‘pitch’ and ‘roll’.

In plain English, it makes the ship faster and the ride smoother.

The interior is fully customizable, and each deck can be fully enclosed, giving guests additional privacy.

Between the main beam and the hulls, you can divide the ship into five separate sections.

According to Andy Waugh, the designer behind the project, the main suite could be as wide as 66 feet, 98 feet long and 10 feet high, basically the same as the entrance hall in a 5-star hotel.

The ship also has a designated space for two 46-foot tenders.

Decadence is just a prototype but Waugh and his team are confident a buyer will eventually be found.

In the meantime, they’re working on another, even bigger (albeit more ‘conventional’) yacht for an unnamed “American tech billionaire”, which should be ready in 2025.

Once that’s done, building Decadence would take an additional five or six years.

As for the price tag, you’re looking at half a billion dollars or more.



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