Man shows what $250m buys you in New York

Dubbed 'The One Above All Else', this $250m penthouse is the highest and most expensive property on sale in the US - and it has views to die for.

by | Published on 19th May 2023

Self-proclaimed real estate enthusiast and YouTuber Enes Yilmazer recently posted a 13-second video to TikTok with a simple question.

Is this view worth $250,000,000?

Yes, you read that right, $250 million.

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The short clip comes from a 28-minute video review of the most expensive and highest penthouses in the world, located in Manhattan, NYC.

The multi-story penthouse, dubbed ‘The One Above All Else’, sits at the top of the newly-built Central Park Tower with a stunning view of Central Park.

Aside from its sheer size, the key feature of the penthouse is, in the words of real estate broker Ryan Serhant, its volume.

The idea is to use light and space to give residents a unique experience in order to make them feel like time slows down.

The fact that you’re standing 1,550 feet above the concrete jungle helps.

Spanning across three floors, the residence features 17,000 square feet of interior space with an additional 1,400 square feet dedicated to the terrace.

You’ve got a regular kitchen and a chef’s kitchen on the third floor.

The formal dining room seats up to 12 people, and there are more dining rooms if you’re looking for something a bit more casual.

The grand staircase takes you to the master bedroom and the guest rooms.

The home has 23 rooms in total, including a media room, a ballroom, and even an observatory.

Obviously, you also have access to a swimming pool, a basketball court, a spa and a gym, among other things.

The asking price is steep.

Seven- or even eight-figure price tags are quite normal in California and New York, but nine figures is almost uncharted territory.

Not that long ago, a massive 105,000-square-foot mansion in Bel Air, known as The One, sold for $141 million at a bankruptcy action.

Mind you, this $250m penthouse is in a different league.



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