Luxury hotel launches $13,000 per hour private jet parties

This new private jet is like a luxury hotel room above the clouds - literally taking partying to new levels.

by | Published on 5th Jun 2023

A Dubai company has converted a corporate jet into a private hotel suite above the clouds.

Dubbed 9H-Five (nine-hotel-five), the aircraft can be chartered by anyone for up to 12 hours.

Predictably, it is outrageously expensive.

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The 9H-five is based on Airbus’s TwoTwenty ‘Bizjet’, a 35-meter jet with over 786 square foot (73m2) of usable space.

Now, while a standard TwoTwenty looks like the sort of thing suit-and-tie corporate execs use, the 9H-Five is designed with a rockstar spirit.

The standard white and pale yellow lights are replaced with LED lights that can project any hue you want.

The windows are modified to make it look like the interior of a yacht and the seats are upholstered to resemble the cabin of a supercar.

The TwoTwenty is pretty big and can be configured to include up to six individual sections.

However, the 9H-Five features four sections only to make it look even larger and more spacious.

You’ve got a dining area, two lounge areas with 16 seats in total and a 55-inch TV screen, and a private suite with a bathroom.

The private jet has a range of 10,000+ km (5,600+ miles) and can travel at to Mach 0.82 – ie, 1,000 km/h.

In simple terms, this means it can travel from Shanghai to Los Angeles or London to Tokyo faster than a commercial aircraft.

These are just a few examples, by the way.

This being a private jet, it can go anywhere you want it to.

This brings us to the elephant in the room – the cost.

You can charter the jet starting at around $13,000 per hour, not including ancillary costs like taxes, etc.

This means that flying from New York to London or vice versa would set you back around $91,000.



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