Abandoned barn find Ferrari gets first wash in 28 years

  • This Ferrari had been gathering dust in a barn for 28 years
  • The WD Detailing team got to work bringing it up to scratch
  • The transformation delighted its owner and his family

Published on Jun 05, 2024 at 7:14 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 06, 2024 at 4:20 PM (UTC+4)
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These YouTubers found a Ferrari in an abandoned barn and gave it its first wash in 28 years.

The satisfaction of cleaning something extremely dirty is hard to beat.

This Ferrari 512bb had been left dormant in a barn, gathering dust.

When the YouTube channel WD Detailing came across it, the Italian sports car was littered with bits of straw, leaves and bird poop.

Not in its finest condition.

The self-described ‘dudes from Ohio’ run their channel detailing cars that they come across.

Why had the Ferrari been left for so long?

The channel got a chance to speak with the Ferrari’s owner, an elderly man identified as Mr Chevon.

Speaking of the car, he said: “It got limited use, garaged, and then other things took over, including raising children.”

Mr Chevon had agreed to the cleaning, on the insistence of his granddaughter Lily.

She said: “This is one of the more humbling experiences we’ve ever had.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I wasn’t going to let me or Grandpa pass that up.”

How did the cleaning process go?

Suffice to say, the WD team had a lot of work on their hands.

But what’s a cleaning video without a satisfying montage of pressure washing?

Before long, they had the Ferrari looking spick and span.

With Puro all-purpose cleaner to hand, they pressure washed the front of the car, leaving its paint job undamaged.

One of the side windows had a crack in the glass and had to be covered with tape, in an effort to keep the inside dry.

By the time they were done, the car could have doubled as a mirror.

What was the owner’s reaction?

Once Mr Chevon was reunited with his Ferrari, it was a big reaction.

“That’s a deeper red than I remember!” he remarked, “It’s very nice.”

One of his grandkids commented: “It looks like a real car!”

Check out the full transformation on WD Detailing’s YouTube channel.

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