Watch a 55-year-old abandoned motorcycle get restored back to life

This abandoned motorcycle was built 55 years ago in a country that doesn't even exist anymore, but now it's being brought back to life.

by | Published on 16th Jun 2023

Very few things are as satisfying as watching an old, decrepit vehicle being restored back to life.

The guys from the Rescue Story YouTube channel just took it to the next level by restoring a 55-year-old Jawa motorcycle that was built in a country that doesn’t even exist anymore.

It looked absolutely terrible when they started, so they had a huge job ahead of them.

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The abandoned motorcycle in question was a rare beast from the East.

Built in the 1960s in Prague, back when the Czech Republic and Slovakia were both part of the now defunct country of Czechoslovakia, the motorcycle is powered by a two-stroke engine.

In a world populated by electric engines and ultra-sophisticated hybrids, a two-stroke engine is definitely a rarity.

When the Rescue Story guys opened the crate they found a bike that looked like a single solid block of rust.

The body, the wheels, the exhaust – everything on the Jawa was covered in rust.

The engine was ruined, as was the seat.

And the tires looked like they had been chewed away by rats.

The first thing they did was disassemble the bike, removing every single individual component.

This was a big job so, to start with, they focused on the engine.

They began by replacing all the bits that wore out, including the fan belt and the spark plugs.

Each component of the engine was polished and sandblasted to remove rust, and they did the same thing with the nuts and bolts.

This is part one of a series, of course.

Next, they’ll fit new tires, repair body panels, and finally they’ll get the bike back on the road.

So stay tuned.



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