This $10m yacht has three hulls and can travel half way around the globe on a single tank

It's the only yacht you'll see on the water like it.

by | Published on 22nd Sep 2022

Feast your eyes on Adastra, a 140-foot yacht with a design unlike anything else out there.

It’s technically a ‘trimaran’, meaning it has three hulls – the main central one, and two outriggers.

However, it’s just about the only yacht you’ll ever actually see on the water using such a design.

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John Shuttleworth, the designer who penned Adastra, is well aware of just how challenging but beneficial this unique design is.

The triple-hull design was adapted from sailing and is aimed towards fuel efficiency.

“The structure is just a major engineering achievement,” Shuttleworth said in a video about the design.

He claims that the boat uses one-seventh of the fuel a yacht this size normally would due to its unique hull shapes, and that it would get halfway around the world on a single tank.

That’s exactly what its owners do with it as well.

The owners, who are anonymous, say they spend three months of the year taking it on adventures across the globe.

Delivered in 2012, Adastra was built in China by McConaghy Boats.


Made from Kevlar, e-glass, and carbon fiber, it weighs just 49 tons.

For context, that’s around the weight of a 60-foot yacht, not a massive 140-footer like this.

Everything from ladders to hatch-doors and hinges were made from carbon to save weight.

Using a single 1150hp Caterpillar engine to propel it, it can cover an astonishing 10,000 nautical miles at a speed of 10 knots.

However, its top speed is 23 knots and typical cruise speed 17 knots.

But inside, it’s every bit a luxury yacht, featuring a clean and crisp Scandinavian-inspired cabin.

Of course, it features vast decks and alfresco areas to take in the sea breeze as well.

If you’re wondering how much a yacht this unique costs, the answer is $10 million – it was listed for sale for that amount in 2020 through Burgess Yachts.



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