This superyacht was built off a sketch consisting of just 12 lines

It was designed to be the most tranquil place on earth.

by | Published on 10th Aug 2022

Admiral has launched its latest superyacht, Kensho, and it’s designed to be the most tranquil place to relax on the waves.

The name comes from the Zen school of thought and references enlightenment and ‘seeing one’s true nature’.

The Admiral Kensho measures in at 74.85m (245.57ft) and was based off a sketch the owner made in 2016 consisting of just 12 lines.

Initial design rendering of the Admiral Kensho
The deck of the Admiral Kensho
The lounge on the deck of the Admiral Kensho
Stairs to the upper deck of the Admiral Kensho
Sun lounge on the deck of the Admiral Kensho
The living room inside the Admiral Kensho superyacht
Inside the Admiral Kensho
The dining room inside the Admiral Kensho
The master bedroom inside the Admiral Kensho
Another bedroom inside the The master bedroom inside the Admiral Kensho
The bathroom on board the Admiral Kensho
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From there, the teams at archineers.berlin and Azure Yacht Design fleshed it out into the striking design we see today.

The inside of the superyacht, meanwhile, was handled by Agence Jouin Manku.

Challenging traditional yacht design, it incorporates generous high ceilings, panoramic views, and modular design features to maximise space.

It also features an abundance of natural materials including teak, marble, onyx, silk, and wool.

There are eight guest cabins, accomodating up to 16 guests, while its 12 crew cabins allow for up to 20 staff.

And at the rear of the Admiral Kensho, there are four decks to relax on.


The bottom level features a pool, while the other three are fitted with big, comfortable lounges.

It was designed hand in hand with its owner to “integrate the best ideas of residential design and marine design to create a new quality of life at sea”.

The ship is propelled by two 1400kW electric propellers, along with a 220kW bow thruster.

But there’s no need to worry about batteries as it has five main diesel generators for power, plus one backup.

Admiral is part of The Italian Sea Group, which also includes brands such as Tecnomar.

Tecnomar, of course, is the builder of the Lamborghini 63 yacht famously owned by Conor McGregor.

Kensho is available to charter through Y.CO for $868,000 (€850,000) per week during summer and winter.




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