AI is now making ‘creepy’ calls for Tesla and the audio is going viral

The audio is so realistic it has people fearing for their jobs.

by | Published on 16th Aug 2023

Advanced AI is now being used to book test drives for Tesla cars and the audio is going viral. 

Posted online by Chris Donnelly, the AI calls a potential buyer to ask about their experience customizing a car on the Tesla website and if he wants to drive it. 

The audio is so realistic is has some people fearing for their jobs.

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The call is made by a customer service rep called Alexander. 

Alexander, made by Air AI, calls a potential customer named James, asking if he had “any trouble or questions while customizing your car”. 

The conversation starts off fairly normal, with James telling him he was “just kind of shopping around, taking a look”. 

Alexander, AKA Air AI, replies with “gotcha, that makes sense, sometimes we’re just exploring our options before making a decision”.

He asks James if he’d like to schedule a test drive and offers two time slots. 

They agree on a time and end the call. 

While the conversation was professional and conversational, listeners picked up on some pretty big red flags including the fact the AI didn’t offer a date or location for the test drive.

“7pm when?” one person said. 

“They did not even provide a dealer name,” a second listener said. 

You can listen to the call here!


An AI program has been created to complete sales calls, customer service and acts as an intelligent, well mannered and interested sales agent on this call. Air AI is a new conversational AI tool that can complete phone calls 5-40 minutes, to support a customer with a problem or a sales opportunity, and it sounds just like a human. #Ai #air #sales #artificialintelligence

♬ original sound – Chris Donnelly

Others took issue with the AI’s tone of voice in the call. 

“The delay, the flat tone, it’s clearly AI,” one guy said. 

“The long pauses and monotony give it away. But it is starting to get creepy close,” another said. 

Others were so impressed with the call they said it was only a matter of time before AI took their jobs. 

“Scary! A lot of people will lose their job with the rapid innovation of technology,” one guy said. 

One listener said it sounded “just like a sales guy who’s bored after making 100 calls already with all the enthusiasm zapped out of him”. 

“If it’s this good now, just imagine how good it will be five years from now. We probably won’t even know if it’s human or AI.”

While the call didn’t officially come from Tesla, we suspect it’ll only be a matter of time before Elon Musk employs his new AI company, xAI, to do the same.



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