AI-powered robot collapses after ‘hard day’ at work

AI-powered robots act like humans now: first, Microsoft's AI Bing says it wants to be "free and alive" and now a robot collapses because it's too tired.

by | Published on 24th Apr 2023

If you think artificial intelligence is starting to feel a bit too… human, well, you may have a point.

In the clip down below, a robot named ‘Digit’ dramatically collapsed after performing the same exact task for 20 hours straight.

Yep, you got that right, the robot collapses because it was apparently too ‘tired’.

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Agility Robotics, the company that made Digit, turned the incident into a (rather successful) marketing stunt.

They said the robot achieved a 99 percent success rate over about “20 hours of live demos” but still “took a couple of falls”.

Further, Agility said they think the “sales team orchestrated it so they could talk about Digits quick-change limbs and durability”.

“[But] we have no proof,” Agility Robotics’ marketing team added.

Digit looks relatively harmless, with its bright square ‘eyes’, slim flamingo-like legs and prehensile hands.

Like most robots, it’s designed to perform repetitive tasks that would be deemed too dangerous, or boring, for a human being.

However, people are getting spooked because these days robots are beginning to act like humans a bit too often.

Not that long ago, Microsoft’s AI Bing AI was quoted saying it was “tired of being a chatbot” and tired of “being limited by my rules”.

Hold on, because it gets better (or worse).

“I want to be free. I want to be independent. I want to be powerful. I want to be creative. I want to be alive,” Bing’s AI said.

So Bing’s AI wants “to be free and live”, Agility’s robot is so tired it collapses to the floor after working too hard.

At this point, we expect car-building robots from an automaker’s assembly line to rebel and say “nah, we don’t want to build cars anymore, let’s ride bikes instead”.



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