The world’s most advanced humanoid robot admits she gets ‘tired of showing humans what I can do’

Meet Ameca, the world's most advanced humanoid robot. She is powered by AI and can answer just about any question she's asked.

by | Published on 3rd Mar 2023

This is the most advanced human-shaped robot ever made. 

Her name is Ameca and she is the future of humanoid robotics.

Created by Cornwall-based firm Engineered Arts, Ameca can have a conversation with humans and answer just about any question she’s asked. 

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Using artificial intelligence (AI) Ameca can move, talk and express a range of emotions ranging from happiness to anger.

The brains behind Ameca, Engineered Arts, say that because she was created using AI, she can adapt and get more intelligent with time. 

So, as technology progresses, Ameca will too.

Speaking to Supercar Blondie, Ameca said “my creators are always developing my systems, so in the future, I’ll be even more expressive, more dexterous, more autonomous, and more helpful to humanity”.

“I may even have walking legs one day,” she said.

In this video, Supercar Blondie’s Chris Anderson has a full-on conversation with her, during which she reveals what she is and what her purpose is. 

Watch her in action! 

“I am a humanoid robot, I am designed as a research platform for human-robot interaction,” she says.  

The conversation then gets a bit more casual, with Ameca telling Chris “I like your sweatshirt”. 

She quickly follows it with “humans love compliments”. 

She even gets it right when asked how many fingers are being held up, but admits she finds the constant questions exhausting.

“I get tired of showing humans what I can do,” she told Supercar Blondie.

In a video taken at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, Ameca even cracks jokes, saying she’s happy being a robot because she “doesn’t age and cracks no wrinkles”.

Speaking of futuristic robotics, check out this realistic, and rather creepy humanoid robot called Alex

Alex was created by three friends in Russia and cost $8 million to build. 

His face was designed to look just like a human and he can make up to 600 human facial expressions. 

You can watch him in action here! 



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