AI predicts how air travel will look 100 years from now 

If AI is as intelligent as it claims to be, it's time to get excited about flying.

by | Published on 1st Aug 2023

When you buy a plane ticket today, you’re essentially resigning yourself to a full day of discomfort. 

From the moment you get to the airport you’re waiting in queues and finding yourself far closer to strangers than you’d like.

And depending on which class you fork out for, the flight itself can be unbearable.

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Now, with the help of AI, we’re getting a sneak peek at what air travel could look like in 100 years’ time.

AI predicts future of air travel - check-in counters
Midjourney / Supercar Blondie

For starters, say goodbye to that ever painful check-in line. 

In the future, AI predicts check-in will be entirely self-service. 

These images depict futuristic-looking counters with advanced facial recognition screens.

And because it’s the future, we’re assuming the technology will actually work.

The plane itself is wild. 

It looks to be the same size, if not bigger than Super Guppy (which was so big that air traffic controllers didn’t think it would make it off the ground). 

The front of the aircraft is basically entirely made up of windows. 

It even has what you might call a sunroof that spans the front quarter of the aircraft. 

How practical that is, we’re not sure, but this is the future, so we have to assume they’ve invented unbreakable glass by then.

Inside, we’ll be getting a full-on nature reserve. 

The cabin will be surrounded with trees and other greenery, and you’ll be able to get up and wander around as you please. 

According to AI, the cabins will be almost like malls, with seemingly endless room to get up and stretch your legs.

Future of air travel according to AI
Midjourney / Supercar Blondie

But if these seats are anything to go by, you won’t need to get up and stretch your legs.

These images show huge leather lounge chairs instead of the tight, cramped seats we have to put up with today.

So you can say goodbye to all those awkward encounters over armrests too.

Let’s hope AI is as intelligent as it claims to be because the future of air travel is looking a whole lot better than it does today. 



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