AI shows what F1 cars will look like in the future and it’s a big change

We could see F1 wheels totally transform.
  • AI has predicted what we can expect F1 cars to look like in the future
  • There may be a move away from the closed cockpit design
  • Wheels may no longer be standardized

Published on Dec 4, 2023 at 3:04PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 4, 2023 at 9:27PM (UTC+4)

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AI shows what F1 cars will look like in the future
Midjourney AI Artwork

We may know what the future of F1 looks like thanks to AI.

F1 is one of the most data-driven sports out there.

So it was only a matter of time before it embraced the power of AI.

As the popularity of F1 continues to grow, fans are keen to know what lies ahead, and one AI artist has shown us what may be in store.

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F1 cars are the epitome of streamlined high-performance vehicles.

As per the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), currently, all cars must use the same tires, supplied by Pirelli.

Midjourney AI Artwork predicts that the tires of the future will look notably different from the ones we’re used to today.

Smooth, treadless tires were reintroduced almost a decade ago and are now standard.

Looking forward we could see more bespoke tires that feature performance-enhancing elements built into them.

Another striking difference between the cars we’re used to and AI’s prediction is the lack of a front wing.

The wing plays a crucial role in the handling of the car, distributing the downforce evenly throughout the car.

This futuristic render appears to have a split nose and wings under the body of the car instead.

While the modern F1 car is incredibly streamlined already, this model takes that to the next level.

The exterior is bullet-like, sure to enhance its aerodynamics significantly.

One of the trademarks of F1 cars is the open cockpit.

This was implemented both to improve the driver’s line of sight and to ensure easy removal of the driver should there be a crash.

AI, however, thinks we could move away from this style in the future.

One AI vehicle shows a closed cockpit, which has a camera on it that could be used to gather data for the car’s team.

This AI artwork currently only showcases the changes we may see to the exterior of the F1 car.

But the technology has huge potential for the sport, from creating strategy to simulating test drives.

In fact, AI has already been used in the world of F1, most recently at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

The AI-driven technology ‘Computer Vision’ was used to tackle track limit breaches.

The FIA hopes that this could be used to combat the violations often missed due to human error.

F1 teams also use AI to create race simulations.

This is a cost-effective way to identify potential weak points in the vehicle and play out various race scenarios.

Racers can also use simulations to acquaint themselves with tracks and improve their racing skills without risking injury or car damage.

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