Plane converted into a fully-liveable house is one of the most unique places to live on Earth

You won't find your standard economy seating because the aircraft has been decked out with all the creature comforts you can imagine.

Published on Oct 5, 2023 at 12:31PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 6, 2023 at 5:13PM (UTC+4)

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Airplane house in Alaska

This plane has been converted into a fully-liveable house and it’s one of the most unique homes in the world.

Built by pilot Jon Kotwicki, the home is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Big Lake, Alaska.

You won’t find your standard economy seating either, because the aircraft has been decked out with all the creature comforts you can imagine.

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While giving supercarblondie.com a tour of the lodge, Kotwicki said the idea for the home came about because “lumber was crazy expensive” and “half of this house is already built”.


He took full advantage of the DC-6 air freighter’s original features, too.

When you enter the home, you walk through the original cargo door into the “mud room”.

This then leads you to the master bedroom where Kotwicki has managed to fit a king-sized bed and a TV.

Kotwicki didn’t skimp on the bathroom either, saying “we wanted to have a real bathroom with a real shower and regular-sized toilet”.

“I did not want it to actually feel like you were in coach on an airplane,” he said.

From here, you make your way up the aisle (ahem, hallway) to find a guest bedroom and spacious living/dining area.

And just off the dining area you have a wing deck (yep, a deck built on the wing of the plane).

Here, the DC-6 Airplane House has a BBQ overlooking the incredible mountains surrounding the little oasis.

“And if you happen to fly in in your own Cessna, there’s even room to park it right outside,” he said.

The owners also plan to add a hot tub on the wing of the plane.

You can watch the full vid here!

Then up the front of the plane is the best part.

The airplane house still has its original cockpit.

“Everything in here is just as it was when it was flying,” Kotwicki said.

Although it’s not exactly in flying condition anymore.

And it gets better.

“We’ll also be adding a flight simulator up here because every airplane house needs a flight simulator,” he said.

Kotwicki said he built the home to enjoy but has also made it available on Airbnb.

You can find the listing here.

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