You can now pay with your palm using Amazon’s biometric technology and the internet is divided

The crazy new tech has got people losing their minds at the checkout.

by | Published on 12th Jul 2023

Using your hand to pay is officially a thing. 

And you don’t need to insert a microchip under your skin to do it either. 

It’s part of Amazon’s palm payment technology called Amazon One and it’s got shoppers losing their minds.

READ MORE! Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip implants under their skin

Whole Foods has just joined a growing list of places allowing you to swipe your hand to pay for your shopping.

It sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s happening right now in 2023. 

While some people are jumping on board without hesitation, others aren’t so keen on the idea.

“Do people really have to explain why this is such a bad idea? You might as well hand over your soul now,” one guy said.

Another went as far as to say it could lead to dismemberment.

“People are going to start cutting off hands out here,” he said.

Despite serious hesitation from some, Whole Foods in Phoenix, Arizona is now joining a growing number of stores to use the palm recognition system.

Some airports and sporting stadiums across the US are already using it too. 

Called Amazon One, the system was built to identify you by nothing more than the palm of one hand.

The goal is to allow you to go anywhere without a wallet or phone and still have total financial freedom (within reason of course).

Tech expert Burton Kelso said “hand print scanning and other biometrics like eye scanning, [was] definitely the way of the future”. 

“With biometrics, one of the things that’s great is that your information is tied to you,” he told FOX10. 

Amazon has backed its system, saying identity theft is near impossible. 

The company said the readers were designed to recognize creases, friction ridges, and even underlying veins.

“Even identical twins with the same DNA do not have the same palm surface and vein patterns,” they said. 

“While your palm and vein patterns are permanent, the digital signature we use for identification is not. This allows us to delete palm signatures and generate new ones at any time.”

A lot of people are keen to adopt these new forms of technology too. 

Thousands of people in Sweden are currently getting microchip implants under their skin

The implants, which are about the size of a grain of rice, are working as a substitute for credit cars and even train tickets. 

Now with palm recognition systems being rolled out, we won’t even need to consider piercing ourselves with a microchip to get these kinds of benefits. 



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