These 5 cars have the best ambient lighting in the world

There’s nothing like ambient lighting to give a car interior a little pizazz, but which manufacturer does it best? Here are our picks...

by | Published on 16th Feb 2023

There’s no avoiding it, ambient lighting divides opinion.

To some, it’s a bit gimmicky, but to others, it adds immense value to a car.

Researchers even say it increases the perception of safety and value in a car.

All we know is that it’s a ton of fun changing the colors and playing with the combinations.

Every automaker does ambient lighting differently, but these are the top five cars that did it best.

5. Mercedes-Maybach S Class

Mercedes boasts some of the most vibrant ambient lighting on modern cars.

Take the Mercedes-Maybach S Class for example, which comes with a comprehensive ambient lighting package.

The package includes animated dynamic light strips wrapped around the cabin, with up to 64 colors to choose from.

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4. BMW X7

The BMW X7 is equipped with new features and tech setting it apart from the competition.

Not only has the German automaker added illumination to the double kidney grill, which, when lit, resembles a flowing waterfall, on the inside there’s an illuminated panoramic sunroof, too.

It comes alive during nighttime, giving a starry look to the sunroof.

And paired with the brilliantly-styled ambient lighting, it creates a wonderful driving experience. 

3. Lexus LS

The Lexus LS is the brand’s luxury flagship and no detail has been overlooked.

The interior, for example, combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with advanced manufacturing techniques.

These are reflected in elements such as the soft ambient lighting that makes the armrests appear to float next to the door panels, which is pretty neat.

2. Audi A7

Lighting design is hugely important for Audi, but that doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t take ambient lighting in its cars seriously.

Quite the opposite to be honest, as Audi A7 owners are spoilt for choice with multiple ambient lighting packages available.

Its ‘contour ambient lighting’ package boasts lights both in the dashboard and across the center console.

The ambient lighting also adorns the door trim, the quattro badge in the instrument panel is illuminated, as is the Bang & Olufsen sound system, with white accents on the woofers in the doors also adding to the light show.

1. Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce takes opulence up a few notches by using ambient lighting to create beautiful visual effects.

Its starlight headlining, available as an option on several of its models, transforms the roof of the car into the illusion of a star-filled night sky.

This special headlining material creates a magical ambient using hundreds of fiber-optic lights.



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