AI reimagines popular cars as American Made, and the result is hilarious

From Ferrari Monster Trucks to John Deer McLaren tractors, some of these 'American Made' vehicles are absolutely hilarious.

by | Published on 4th Jul 2023

To mark the 4th of July, we asked Artificial Intelligence to reimagine famous cars and show us what they would look like and if they were made in the US and the result is outstanding.

From Ferrari Monster Trucks to John Deer McLaren tractors, some of these ‘American Made’ cars are absolutely hilarious.

6. Porsche but it’s a lowrider and it’s made in Miami

This is what an American Made, Miami-ready Porsche 356 Low Rider looks like.

Big chrome wheels, chrome bumpers, and of course it’s painted pink.

To be fair, this looks pretty good.

It almost looks like a real car that you can buy in the real world.

Except unfortunately you can’t.

5. If Lamborghini made RVs in the US

The RV is a proper piece of Americana.

The open road ahead, “Take Me Home, Country Roads” on the radio and a family-sized portion of beef jerky in the center console.

We asked AI to reinterpret the RV using Lambos as a base from the vehicle and the result is surprisingly endearing.

If these were for sale, we bet millionaires would be rushing to the showroom, ready to empty their fat wallets to secure this amazing UrusRV.

We’re going to call it the Urusvan.

4. Rolls-Royce but it’s made by Rezvani

You may be familiar with Rezvani, the California-based manufacturer that makes tanks that look like they’re ready for a zombie apocalypse.

So what if Rezvani made Rolls-Royce cars?

The result is a beefed-up Rolls-Royce Cullinan with a massive front grille, closed off wheels and an extra storage compartment at the back.

You can use it to store food, jerrycans or a portable rocket launcher to fight off the zombies.

3. John Deere x McLaren tractors

Lamborghini famously started out as a tractor manufacturer, but what about other supercar manufacturers like McLaren?

We thought it would be interesting to turn these English made racetrack-friendly supercars into all-American tractors.

We asked AI to come up with a blend of John Deere and McLaren and this is what it spat out.

Some of these look ridiculous, but others look pretty impressive.

Sort of like a mix between a tractor, an ATV and a quad bike.

What’s not to like?

2. If Bugatti hypercars were made by Jeep

Bugatti hasn’t made an SUV… yet.

The Croatian-French manufacturer may or may not build one in the future but in the meantime, we decided to make one.

If you were wondering what a Bugatti SUV might look like, so we created a Bugatti supercar made by Jeep.

It looks tough, with chunky wheels, bull bars and roof lights.

We definitely want one.

1. Ferrari but it’s a Monster Truck