Amsterdam motorway is prime plane spotting spot with aircraft soaring just overhead

  • A motorway in Amsterdam is the best location to spot planes
  • It leads to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • It’s one of the world’s busiest airports

Published on Jul 07, 2024 at 4:18 PM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

Last updated on Jul 07, 2024 at 4:18 PM (UTC+4)
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Aviation lovers don’t just enjoy traveling in amazing planes — they also seize every opportunity to spot them — and enthusiasts in Amsterdam have a one-up to make everyone jealous.

A motorway leading to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers a prime location for seeing the giants of the air up close.

Just imagine zooming along the motorway while spotting a massive plane directly overhead on the aircraft bridge.

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Amsterdam motorway: The best location for spotting planes

Very few places offer such a mesmerizing view, and this motorway to one of the world’s busiest airports is one of them.

Recently, an account called Aviation on X uploaded a video of a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-303 soaring over the bridge as the videographer passed underneath.

The Airbus A330 is certainly a spectacular aircraft loved by thousands of passengers.

While we saw the pilot’s perspective video of this amazing aircraft landing recently, this was still a breathtaking sight.

There are very few places outside the airport where you can get such a close look at flights.

Just like this motorway, the beach adjacent to Sint Maarten Airport is another famous airplane spotting location.

A Boeing 747 demonstrated its power there, creating a thrilling experience for onlookers with its jet blast.

More about Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, commonly known as Schiphol, is one of Europe’s and the world’s busiest airports.

It began as a military airbase in 1916 and has grown into a major international gateway, serving over 70 million passengers each year.

Schiphol is only 9 kilometers from Amsterdam’s city center, making it accessible.

One of its special features is its single-terminal design, which consolidates all services under one roof.

An interesting fact about Schiphol is that it houses the Rijksmuseum Schiphol, an airport museum with Dutch masterpieces.

Schiphol Plaza, a lively shopping and dining area for passengers, has also been added to the airport for passengers’ convenience.

Noise reduction measures and environmental initiatives make this place more advanced.

With over 300 destinations worldwide, it remains a central hub for international travel and a fascinating spot for aviation enthusiasts.


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