There’s one thing Apple employees are asked to keep a secret

  • Apple does everything it can to protect its creative and intellectual property
  • For this reason, Apple employees are asked, and sometimes legally required, to be secretive about their job
  • Among other things, they’re asked not to reveal they work for Apple

Published on Dec 13, 2023 at 7:18 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Dec 14, 2023 at 1:57 PM (UTC+4)
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There’s one thing Apple employees are asked to keep a secret

Working at Apple comes with perks and benefits, as well as responsibilities.

In fact, after learning what the job requirements are, you’d be excused for thinking that joining Apple is a bit like joining the CIA.

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Signing a contract with Apple comes with a long list of clauses.

Apple employees are also required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

And there’s one thing they’re asked to keep secret, which can be summarized in one word: everything.

It sounds a bit melodramatic but the truth is, Apple employees are basically asked to disclose nothing about what they do.

There are 16 intelligence agencies in the US but to be honest, after learning what Apple employees have to do, we’d tempted to add a 17th, Apple, to the list.

That’s how secretive the company really is.

Just like Brad Pitt’s Fight Club, the first rule of Apple is: you do not talk about Apple.

A TikToker who regularly shares Apple insights and tips is one of several former Apple employees that confirmed this is more than just a rumor.

Apple employees are obviously allowed to update their LinkedIn account but that’s just about all they can do.

There’s very little they’re allowed to say about what it is they actually do.

So that includes the patents they work with, the products they work on and of course, they can’t say anything about what iProduct will be available next.

So yep, that also means it’ll be nigh on impossible to learn hard facts about the rumored Apple car until it’s released.

Now, some of these clauses are legally binding while others aren’t.

For example, pay transparency laws require employers to disclose salary for specific positions upon request.

This is why Apple employees, as per Apple policy, are freely allowed to talk about their salaries.

Still, Apple asks its employees to maintain the highest level of secrecy when it comes to every aspect of their job.

This, as you can imagine, is designed to protect the company’s creative and intellectual property.

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