Leading Apple analyst reveals why the iPhone 15 could be overheating

Published on Sep 29, 2023 at 3:27 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Sep 29, 2023 at 3:27 PM (UTC+4)
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Leading Apple analyst reveals why the iPhone 15 could be overheating

Users have been complaining that the iPhone 15 since its launch.

Among other things, they’re saying it’s too hot to handle, literally.

Now an Apple expert has weighed in on what might be causing this heatwave amongst their new models.

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The latest offering from Apple has been praised for its high-quality camera and game-changing Action button, but multiple users have reported that their devices are seriously overheating.

Apple’s response was disappointingly nonchalant, stating that it’s normal for their products to get hot in certain conditions.

Firstly, this is not an issue for everyone.

Many users have reported that they’ve had no problem with overheating, even with constant use.

But for those struggling, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo may have an explanation.

He believes that in order to keep the model lightweight, Apple made some compromises to the thermal system design, and this includes reducing the heat dissipation area.

The titanium frame could also come into play as it “negatively impacts thermal efficiency,” said Kuo.

He predicts that Apple could counteract this issue through software updates but unless they lower processor performance, improvements could be negligible.

As the complaints continue to pour in, Apple seems to be directing users to old support articles on device temperature issues.

These articles are general, and not specific to the new iPhone 15.

They advise customers that iPhones can get extra hot during processes like wireless charging or running demanding apps.

It is worth pointing out that many complaints are coming in within the first few days of purchase.

During this period users will be transferring data from their old phone to their new one.

This process requires a lot of energy and could be why these new models are getting so heated.

The next few weeks will show whether this is a long-term issue or not.

On the bright side, all the damning review videos and people demanding refunds mean that Apple is probably working around the clock to fix this issue.

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