Top 5 new features on the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro

From the new colors to the Dynamic Island and the USB-C port (finally!) these are new features you'll get with your 15.

by | Published on 13th Sep 2023

These are the most stand-out new features on the Apple iPhone 15 and 15 Pro. 

The iPhone 15 was officially launched at Apple’s Wonderlust event and it’s got some of the biggest upgrades we’ve seen in years. 

From the ‘action button’ to the new charging port and Dynamic Island, these are the five new features you can expect to find on the 15.

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5. Best camera yet 

The iPhone 15 has Apple’s best camera yet. 

Apple says it will have a new 48-megapixel main camera with improved sensors and autofocus. 

This means it will take photos in sharper detail and more vivid colors. 

Apple also claims it will take better low-light photos than ever. 

And until it officially goes on sale on September 22, we’ll have to take Apple’s word for it.

4. iPhone 15 colors 

The 15 comes in an all-new color range. 

You can pick up the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro in pink, yellow, green, blue, or black. 

And for the first time in a smartphone, the color is infused throughout the back glass. 

Apple says the 15 also has the strongest, toughest outer case yet.

Also, we should point out that the Pro Models are made from titanium, rather than glass.

3. New USB-C charging 

Both models of the 15 now have a USB-C port rather than the controversial Lightning port.

This is huge for Apple, and arguably one of the most highly-anticipated changes to ever come to the iPhone. 

The USB-C connector is the universally accepted standard for charging, and it’ll be mandatory for all brands to use in the EU from next year.

This probably played a part in Apple’s decision.

So now, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone, Mac, iPad, and updated AirPods Pro with the same charger.

2. Action Button 

The new Action Button replaces the ringer switch on the left side of old iPhones. 

With it, Apple says you will be able to control a whole host of features, including the camera and flashlight. 

But you can also customize what you use it for by going into your settings.

1. Dynamic Island 

The Dynamic Island is a little widget that lives at the top of your iPhone’s display and can be used for pretty much anything. 

You will be able to watch videos, keep up to date on sports scores, follow your rideshare, or track a flight before you board. 

Essentially, Apple says this will allow you to do multiple things at once without flipping back and forth between apps.

Apple iPhone 15 pricing and availability 

Pricing starts at $799 for the 6.2-inch 128GB iPhone 15 and $899 for the 6.7-inch 128GB iPhone 15 Plus. 

Pre-orders begin on September 15 before the product officially goes on sale on September 22. 



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