Are we supposed to love or hate this custom Citroën 2CV ‘Dölüggs’?

  • This custom Citroën 2CV ‘Dölüggs’ is sure to divide opinions
  • The car was designed to haul a custom-built camper around 
  • The unusual-looking car is actually hiding a bit of a secret – it’s not a 2CV at all 

Published on Jun 26, 2024 at 2:25 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

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Take a look at this custom-built Citroën 2CV ‘Dölüggs’, that’s sure to divide opinions. 

The Citroën 2CV went into production all the way back in 1948 before being retired in 1990.

In total more than 3.8 million 2CVs were produced over the years, making it the world’s first front-wheel drive car to sell over a million. Impressive stuff.

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The Dölüggs is hiding a secret 

However, while the car may have been popular enough over the years we can guarantee you’ve never seen one quite like this one. 

Dölüggs is a semi-style conversion, built by a man called Bernd from Switzerland. It was created to haul a camper he also designed. 

But, Bernd is hiding a bit of a secret because the car isn’t actually a 2CV at all. The custom car is actually built around a Citroën Acadiane.

Citroën historians amongst you may know that the Acadiane was launched in 1977 and was a panel van version of the Dyane. 

How does it stack up? 

Bernd created the one-off vehicle based upon a childhood dream of his, which he set in motion back in 1996. 

If you’re wondering why he decided on the Acadiane rather than the 2CV, the answer is purely to do with simple mechanics.

While Bernd liked the look of the 2CV he needed something a bit beefier – the 4×4 Acadiane has a payload of 500 kg (1,100lbs) – to be able to pull his custom-built camper.

He’s also kitted it out with an engine from a Citroën Visa. So all in all, it’s a bit of a FrakenCitroën. 

But despite it not being a 2CV Bernd has done a pretty good job of making it look almost exactly like one, hasn’t he? 

He says the not-2CV 2CV has 34 horsepower and is capable of hitting up to 90 kph (56 mph) when pulling the trailer. Without the trailer, it can go 105 kph (65 mph).

Bernd talked about his unique little motor on the Mathieu Horren YouTube channel where he revealed that he has used it to travel around Europe. 

And it turns out it’s pretty reliable – he managed to embark on a 5,000km trip from Greece to Sweden in around three-weeks. So there’s plenty of life in the old car yet.

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