This Aston Martin DB4 is actually even rarer than James Bond’s DB5

  • Aston Martin only built 136 DB4s in this spec
  • Thanks to new carburetors, it’s more powerful than the ‘regular’ one
  • It has only done 5,900 miles

Published on Jul 10, 2024 at 4:11 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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The Aston Martin DB4 is one of two ‘DB’ Astons that collectors crave, the other one being the ‘James Bond one’, the DB5.

Interestingly, while the DB5 is undoubtedly valuable and special, it is not as rare as some people think.

But this DB4 is.

This is one of 136 in existence, and it is currently available from SBX Cars.

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The Aston Martin DB4 preceded the DB5, which is the car that Ian Fleming immortalized by including it in several James Bond novels.

Aston Martin built just over 1,000+ DB4s, but only 136 came in the ‘Vantage,’ high-performance spec.

This is one of them.

Like the ‘standard’ Aston Martin DB4, but faster

The Vantage is more powerful and faster than the ‘regular’ Aston Martin DB4

It features a ‘Superleggera’ tube-frame chassis, underneath a body designed by Carrozzeria Touring.

The 3.6-liter inline-6 cylinder that propels the DB4 it has been given a power upgrade, thanks to new carburetors and special cylinder heads.

As a result, it now delivers 266 horsepower.

A rare classic

Aston built 168 DB4 Vantage models in total, including 136 coupes and 32 convertibles.

This one is finished in black pearl over a grey leather interior, and – even though it’s located in Germany – it is a UK-spec, right-hand drive model.

It’s only done 5,957 miles – or just over 9,500 km.

Because of the James Bond factor, or – in this case – lack thereof, the DB4 is generally more attainable than the DB5.

This is despite the fact that both cars are extremely coveted and tend to appreciate with value over time.

This one is available from SBX Cars until July 17th.

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