Collectors are losing their minds over this $2,500 Chinese watch

The watch is sold out and won't be available again until the end of 2022.

by | Published on 30th Apr 2022

There aren’t that many Chinese-made watches that collectors want.

If you asked around, most could only think of one and that’s the Seagull, an attractive chronograph that’s a tribute to an original design from the early 1960s.

However, things might change with this new timepiece called the Atelier Wen Perception, priced at $2,588.

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Chinese watch makers often downplay their provenance but that’s generally because people automatically associate ‘Made in China’ with lower quality.

In this case, however, Atelier Wen is actually bragging about it, and it’s not out of vanity, it’s because they know the quality is up there with the best Swiss brands.

The Perception is an automatic fitted with an amazing hand-made dial available in salmon, grey and ice blue.

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The case is made using the same exact type of stainless steel that Rolex uses and it is vaguely inspired by the Patek Philippe Nautilus, even though this piece is definitely bringing its own personality to the table.

These things are hard to predict, but this doesn’t feel like a cheap(er) alternative to more expensive watches.

It feels like the sort of watch that a seasoned collector who already owns several pieces will get just because they appreciate the craftsmanship.

But if you’re looking to get your hands on one, it won’t be any time soon.

The Atelier Wen lists the Perception as “sold out” with an estimate delivery date of October 2022, six months from now!




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