Heiress is looking for 50 people to help give away her $27 million fortune

She's giving it away as a gesture towards wealth redistribution.
  • An Austrian heiress inherited $27.4 million after her grandmother’s death in 2022
  • However, Marlene Engelhorn is trying to give away her vast inheritance as a gesture towards weath redistribution
  • She’s looking for 50 people to help her give away the inheritance money

Published on Jan 18, 2024 at 8:21PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 19, 2024 at 5:08PM (UTC+4)

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Heiress is looking for 50 people to help give away her $27 million fortune

An Austrian heiress is attempting to give away her vast inheritance as a gesture towards wealth redistribution.

Not that she’ll have any trouble, when she’s giving away $27.4 million inheritance from her grandmother after her death in September 2022.

But that’s not the craziest bit – she’s on the lookout for 50 people to help her give it away.

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Marlene Engelhorn is set to inherit the fortune due to a chemical company BASF, which was founded by Freidrich Engelhorn.

But the 31-year-old has long been an advocate for wealth distribution, and cofounded ‘Tax Me Now’.

In a nutshell, it’s a group of wealth people in German-speaking countries who are campaigning for higher taxes on the wealthy.

Take Beyoncé for example – her net worth is so astronomically enormous, her mansion aligns with her wealth.

And Engelhorn isn’t the only wealthy person wanting to give away their fortune – the Hermès heir wants to give his $11 billion fortune to his gardener.

Engelhorn has sent out 10,000 invitations to Austrian citizens over the age of 16.

These people, selected at random, will participate in the Good Council for Redistribution.

Apparently the group, made up of 50 chosen participants and 15 substitutes, is set to collaborate with civil-society organizations and academics when it meets in Salzburg, Austria from March to June.

Those invited to participate will each receive $1,300 for every weekend they attend the meeting, covering travel and childcare costs.

The heiress previously said publicly how she won the ‘birth lottery’ after inheriting the multi-million dollar fortune.

But she’s also a vocal supporter of higher taxes on the top one percent wealthiest in society.

In August 2022, she attended an event in Amsterdam called Millionaires for Humanity, which campaigned for increasing taxes on the rich.

“Millionaires should not get to decide whether or not they contribute in a just way to the societies they live in,” she said in a Facebook video.

“Social justice is in everyone’s best interest. Wealth taxes are the least we can do to take responsibility. Tax us.”

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