Designer imagines Bruce Wayne’s new and improved Batcave

Published on Jul 20, 2023 at 4:35 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Designer imagines Bruce Wayne’s new and improved Batcave

An Instagram page called Architectural Evolution has redesigned Batman’s lair, ie the Batcave, and it looks outstanding.

Black is obviously the dominant color but even so, the mansion looks and feels alive and even warm.

The exterior is indeed shaped like a cave, but it’s modern and luxurious.

It looks like the house was carved from stone by a sculptor, and it vaguely resembles a flying saucer that’s landed somewhere in the mountains.

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For the interior, you’ve got several different materials.

Everything is either black or dark grey, from the wooden ceiling to the marble floor to the slabstone bathroom furnishings.

Black is definitely the new black when it comes to Batman.

Amazingly, despite the fact that black was the only color used, the house feels tridimensional.

The walls in the lounge, for example, are made from black marble.

The living room features vaulted ceiling carved from rock, warm LED lights, black sofas, fire pits and black carpeting.

They follow the same design language and yet they look different, giving the house a little extra spark.

Obviously, you’ve got plenty of room for all your Bat toys as well.

You’ve got a long and swooping driveway outside of the house and another one behind the house, and then a garage on the first floor.

You’ve also got plenty of room to park your black Lamborghini in the living room too.

What about the real-world Batcave?

Production studios have used different locations for the Batcave throughout the years.

There’s one in particular that stands out and unfortunately it’s for the wrong reasons.

For the 2005 movie Batman Begins, Warner Bros. used Mentmore Towers, a country house located in England that’s currently abandoned.

The 70-room (!) mansion was once owned by the Rothschild family, before being sold off to a property developer who wanted to turn it into a 5-star hotel.

It never happened, and the house is currently rotting away.

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