Insane Batmobile shows off precision reversing skills as it backs out of driveway

It looks massive but it's actually the size of a VW Golf.

by | Published on 28th Aug 2023

This windowless Batmobile replica must be a nightmare to drive.

And yet the driver in the video seems to be perfectly comfortable, confident in fact, as he backs out of his driveway.

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The video was filmed by JbKanal and shared on TikTok and Instagram.

The angle used for the clip makes the Tumbler replica appear massive but it’s actually quite compact.

It’s 4.6 meters (181 inches) long and 1.3 meters (51 inches) long, roughly the same as a VW Golf.

The only thing that’s abnormal is its girth: 2.8 meters.

The wheels are the same at the front and the rear, and they’re smaller than you think, only 15 inches.

Having said that, the rear tires (44 inches) are almost twice as large as the front ones (29 inches).

The frame is made from steel and fiber glass.

Even so, it weighs 2,500 kg – the same as pick-up truck from Ford or Chevy.

Engine-wise, it uses a V8 developing 300 horsepower.

The single-seater Tumbler replica has a two-part windshield at the front, and two windows on its doors.

But there’s no rear window at all.

The good news is it is equipped with four cameras, so that helps a bit.

The best part is this is more than a one-off that the owner of the JBKanal channel built for himself.

It’s actually for sale.

The price is on request, presumably because you can spec it, and believe it or not the Batmobile replica can be registered and driven on the road.

Batmobile replicas for sale are rare but not unheard of.

Most are just replicas built by fans or independent companies, but you do get the occasional ‘real’ Batmobile.

Back in 2022, a Batmobile that was used in Tim Burton’s Batman movie sold for $1.5 million.



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