Bentley joins the metaverse frenzy with 208 unique NFTs

They're likely to be about as expensive as a Bentayga or a Continental.

by | Published on 29th Jun 2022

Bentley is the latest automaker to join the Metaverse with an exclusive collection of NFTs.

And they’re likely to be about as expensive as a Bentayga or a Continental.

So what exactly will the Bentley NFTs be?

Good question.

The automaker is trying to be as cryptic as possible about this collection.

Bentley hasn’t said anything about pricing and they didn’t mention what these NFTs are, so we can only speculate.

Chevrolet is currently auctioning off a Corvette NFT and the winner gets an actual car.

Lamborghini created an NFT to celebrate the last ever Aventador, and Alfa created matching NFTs when it launched the brand-new Tonale.

These are just three examples but the list goes on, and we can only expect more luxury brands to join the party.

As for the Bentley drop, the company hasn’t even used the word ‘car’ in the announcement, instead, it’s just shared a stylish animation of the mythical ‘Flying B’ mascot emerging from the hood.

Based on that, we are guessing the drop might just be artwork NFTs.

When Bentley announced it was dropping NFTs, the response was mixed.

While some Twitter users praised the company for joining the metaverse, others criticized it for “joining the party too late”

“It’s 4am and Bentley just rolled in looking for free drinks,” one user said.

Are they going to be pricey?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

The company talked about a ‘one-time’ drop, which means that all 208 NFTs will be released in one go.

After that, Bentley is either going to auction them off, or drop them at a fixed price.

Either way, don’t expect anything under four or perhaps even five figures.

The bad news is an actual Bentley car is not expected to be included in the sale.



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