This guy just built a square-wheeled bicycle and it actually works

Footage of this bike is going viral online and it's no surprise why.

by | Published on 18th Apr 2023

This guy has designed and built a bicycle with square wheels and it actually works. 

Created by a YouTuber called The Q, the crazy video was posted just days ago and it’s already amassed nearly six million views. 

We can see why too… this thing takes reinventing the wheel to a whole new level.

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So how exactly does he do it? 

The Q starts by sanding and cutting big lengths of tube steel to make the square frames. 

He then welds those pieces together and uses a step drill to create holes for the sprockets. 

Then he welds spokes to the center hub of the new square wheel.

With the shape coming together, he now moves on to the mechanics of the bike. 

The Q welds two chains together to create a miniature tank-like track. 

This track runs around the outside of the square frame that he built. 

So, rather than the whole frame turning on a normal wheel, he gets motion from the tracks turning around the outside of the frame.

With everything in working order, The Q then screws tire rubber to the outside of the tracks for traction and looks. 

Then for the last step, he attaches the square wheels to his bike and it’s ready for a test run. 

The Q jumps on and off he goes; the square-wheeled bike is a success.

While it runs smoothly, it’s nowhere near as quick as a normal bike and something tells us it might be pretty hard to ride up a hill.

So, inventive? Absolutely, yes. But practical? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. 

The square-wheeled bike is just the latest in a series of epic creations by The Q. 

He’s also created a split-wheel bike (which was the inspiration for this split-wheel motorbike) and a crazy-looking bike with circular saws instead of wheels for riding on ice. 



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