This is what we think the futuristic BMW iM will look like

Published on Dec 06, 2022 at 9:05 AM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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This is what we think the futuristic BMW iM will look like

Remember the BMW Vision M Next

BMW is actually putting this car into production and it’s going to be called the BMW iM. 

The car, which is expected to be announced by the German marque in 2025, is going to be a faster and sportier little brother to the boxy BMW XM.

Well, that’s what we think anyway.

Watch the video here!

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Because the BMW iM is yet to be officially announced, it is still shrouded in secrecy. 

And because there is very little information out there, the rumor mill is rife.


So, according to what information we know, this is what the Supercar Blondie team thinks the BMW Vision M Next production car will look like. 

The production car will take influence from the i8, M1, and the boxy BMW XM.

Here are those three cars pictured, so they’re fresh in your mind.

For starters, we expect it to have butterfly doors like the original i8. 

The BMW Vision M Next shares design language with the XM, so we can only imagine the production car will too. 

Both the BMW Vision M Next and the XM share thin headlights, intakes on the side and front, and a divide down the middle of the hood. 

We’ll likely see all these design elements on the production car as well.

Check out the similarities between the XM and the Vision M Next concept car:

BMW iM render 

This futuristic render is an aggressive, sporty version of the boxy XM. 

At the front, you can see horizontal lines on the grille and thin headlights. 

It wears a line along the side, just like that on the XM and the original M1.

At the back, it has futuristic taillights and shark gills on the side like the XM. 

It has exhaust pipes because the iM is expected to be hybrid. 

And just like the M2 and XM, the BMW logo is shifted to the side.


The production car is expected to make around 700 hp, but if the rumors are true, it could make anywhere up to 1000hp.


Based on all of the above, the price of the BMW iM is expected to start around the $190,000 mark.

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