BMW owner shows trick to keep valves open 24/7

If you own a BMW, you'll probably want to give this hack a go. It definitely makes a difference on a cold start.

by | Published on 6th May 2023

This one’s for the BMW owners out there.

If you own an F80 or F82, so an M3 or an M4, you’ll probably want to watch this.

A video is doing the rounds on TikTok showing a neat little hack to keep your car’s valves open 24/7.

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Typically, the exhaust valves on non-OPF (otto particulate filter) M3 and M4 models are closed when the car is started.

By non-OPF, we’re referring to cars built after September 2018.

With the valves closed, the stock exhaust is pretty quiet.

Good news for your neighbors – not so great if you like the sound of a raucous cold start. 

In case you’re wondering, the OPF is part of the exhaust system.

OPFs force the exhaust emission through the filter, which then captures many of the harmful emissions produced by the engine.

Right, enough of the mechanical talk and back to the video.

In the video posted by @shiftdriftdrive, Kim explains step-by-step what you need to do.

She starts by keeping her feet away from the pedals and pressing the engine start button once to turn on the ignition.

Next she activates the hardest setting, which on her car is the ‘M2’ button on the left of the steering wheel.

She then taps the accelerator pedal once before holding her foot on the brake pedal.

With her foot still on the brake pedal, she then presses the engine start button.

And just like that, her M# makes a raucous sound on start-up.


Bmw valves trick for the F80 #bmwm #bmwm3 #onlybmwdriverunderstandit #valves #bmwtrick @car.horizon thank you for this trick 🫡

♬ Originalton – Kim

Multiple people in the comments section have shown their appreciation for Kim’s hack.

Clearly the cold start sound did it for one user who said, “Dammmm listen to that pure BMW sound.”

We agree – it’s a pretty cool trick.

Thanks for sharing, Kim.



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