Brabus unveiled a new speedboat, and there’s a Panerai watch to go with it

The new Brabus Stealth Green speedboat is here with the coolest color combo ever, a lavish cabin and, of course, a luxury Brabus Panerai watch to go with it.

by | Published on 24th Jan 2023

This is the new Stealth Green Edition, the latest Brabus speedboat to hit the market.

And of course there’s an ultra-expensive Brabus Panerai watch to go with it.

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Most people know Brabus for its involvement with Mercedes-AMG.

The German tuner-turned-boat manufacturer is still very much involved with cars, but it is also heavily investing in its boat division.


The ‘900’ part of the name is a reference to the power output.

In pure Brabus style, the Stealth Green is powered by a pair of Mercury V8s for a combined cubic capacity of over 9,000 cc.

Style-wise, the Brabus Stealth Green stands out thanks to the unique dark shade of forest green applied to the hull.

Waterproof tan leather was used for the deck and the flybridge, combined with a lot of carbon fiber – in true Brabus style.

For the cabin, the manufacturer used plush leather in black and white with contrast red piping and black suede for the carpet.

It almost looks like a military boat, except it’s a lot more luxurious.

Brabus hasn’t revealed a price for its new boat but its ‘brother’, the 900 Black Ops speedboat, costs $207,000.

We can expect a similar a price point for the Stealth Green.

Brabus Panerai Submersible

Brabus teamed up with Panerai to unveil a matching watch, which was aptly dubbed ‘Verde Militare’, Italian for ‘military / army green’.

Based on the Submersible, one of Panerai’s best-sellers, the Verde Militare is a chunky watch, coming in at 47mm.

It looks like it was carved from a solid block of steel but it’s actually made from Carbotech, a patented composite material that’s lighter and stronger than titanium.

Production of the Brabus Panerai Verde Militare is limited to 200 pieces, with a price tag of $52,200 plus taxes.



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