3 reasons why the Brazilian GP was the best F1 race of the season

Published on Nov 14, 2022 at 3:39 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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3 reasons why the Brazilian GP was the best F1 race of the season

George Russell deservedly took the spotlight at the Brazilian F1 GP in Sao Paulo with his first-ever F1 win.

But that wasn’t the only reason the Brazilian GP got people talking.

These are the top three reasons why it was arguably the most entertaining F1 race of the season.

3. George Russell’s first win

Obviously, we have to start with Mercedes.

Wonderboy George Russell drove like a veteran and managed to beat Lewis Hamilton.

However, at some point, he even had to ask his bosses whether he would have to let Hamilton past.

That wasn’t the case, and Russell could secure his first F1 win on his 81st F1 start.

For the number crunchers out there: Russell (6’1”) is the tallest F1 race winner since Jenson Button (5’11”).

Hamilton – who’s recently become an honorary citizen of Brazil – congratulated Russell on the podium.

There’s no bad blood between the two drivers despite the inevitable rivalry.

Which brings us on to the second reason why the Brazilian F1 GP race was so entertaining to watch.

2. Red Bull chaos

So there’s no bad blood between Hamilton and Russell at Mercedes.

But there is arguably some bad blood between Pérez and Verstappen at Red Bull.

Right before the end of the race, back-to-back title winner Verstappen refused to give his position to Pérez.

It goes to show: despite securing their first Constructors’ Championship since 2013, things aren’t too rosy for the Austrian team.

Verstappen compromised his race after a collision with Lewis Hamilton that cost him a 5-second penalty.

He managed to gain back some positions but as the checkered flag appeared, his engineer told him to “let Checo [Pérez] through, please”.

Verstappen unceremoniously refused.

“I told you already last time, don’t ask me again,” Verstappen said. “Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it”.

Pérez was equally straightforward when he addressed the issue in an interview with a Mexican media outlet.

He said [in Spanish]: “I don’t understand his reasons and I’m surprised. If he has [won] two championships, it’s because of me.”

1. Can Ferrari keep Leclerc?

Charles Leclerc’s patience seems to be running out after yet another controversial call by Ferrari.

The Monegasque practically begged Ferrari to let him take Carlos Sainz Jr’s position but Ferrari said no.

They were quite gracious about it, but still.

Leclerc had to take it on the chin.

As a result, Leclerc was left out of the podium in favor of Sainz.

This was great for Sainz – who was in need of a much-needed morale boost.

However, it also means Ferrari just made their life a lot harder ahead of the final race next week.

They now risk losing their 2nd place both in the Constructors’ and the Drivers’ standings.

Charles Leclerc has time and time again expressed his desire to win a title with Ferrari.

However, his career at Ferrari has been marred by errors coming left and right.

Including, on rare occasions, some of his own making.

So, will he stay or will he go?

So where does that leave us?

The drivers will now be travelling to Abu Dhabi for the season finale on November 20.

And *drum roll please* two of them will be interviewed by Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi before the race.

Stay tuned.

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