Breitling unveils new Six Nations-themed collection

From the customized caseback and sub-dial to the dial color, the attention to detail is outstanding, as is the price: nearly $9,000.

by | Published on 11th Feb 2023

Breitling has just launched a new six-piece collection to celebrate the ongoing Six Nations rugby tournament.

All six pieces are based on the brand’s popular Chronomat model, and each model is limited to 150 units.

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These six timepieces are made from stainless steel and powered by a chronograph movement designed and developed in-house by Breitling.

What sets them apart is the different colorway for each piece.

Each watch is a tribute to the national color of the six countries that compete in the tournament: Ireland, Italy, England, Wales, Scotland and France.

In addition to the dial color and the different sets of hands, each timepiece features two subtle nods to the country that inspired it.

The 9 o’clock sub-dial and caseback are adorned with the team logo, from France’s rooster to England’s red rose and, of course, the Irish shamrock.

Breitling Six Nations Watch series – pricing and availability

Each watch is priced at £7,400 on the manufacturer’s website – or $8,900 at today’s rate.

Production is limited to 150 pieces for each colorway so the value will go up in the second-hand market.

Even though the Swiss watchmaker announced the Six Nations partnership last year, this is actually the first collection entirely dedicated to the competition.

About the Six Nations Rugby tournament

Founded in 1882, the Six Nations takes place every year in February and March.

It was actually originally known as the ‘Five Nations’, and it became known as the ‘Six Nations’ after Italy joined the competition in 2000.

England and Wales have the most titles with 39 each.



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