Bugatti has just dropped a collection of super-luxe headphones

Bugatti is pairing up with Master & Dynamic to launch a collection of super-luxe headphones and they're made of the same materials you'll find in your hypercar.

by | Published on 31st Mar 2023

Bugatti is pairing up with Master & Dynamic to launch a new collection of ultra-luxe headphones.

And they’re made of the same materials you’ll find in a Bugatti hypercar.

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Bugatti says the Master & Dynamic collection has ear cups crafted from lightweight magnesium just like that found on Bugatti wheels. 

The tactile aluminum controls also mirror the intricate aluminum detailing in the cars. 

Each pair comes in three different colorways that celebrate the Chiron, including French Racing Blue which harks back to the early Grand Prix racers.

The headphones also have a grille made of Beryllium inspired by the famous Bugatti horseshoe grille. 

“Driving a Bugatti is an incomparable experience and one that cannot be replicated by anything else on the road. It literally excites all senses,” Master & Dynamic CEO Jonathan Levine said. 

“We hope to instill this magic into the Master & Dynamic collection for Bugatti by infusing our most cutting-edge products with a technology reminiscent of the power of a Bugatti.”

The French marque says sound is a core part of the Bugatti experience, “from the howl of the Type 35s straight-eight to the powerful rumble of the Chiron’s W16”. 

The Master & Dynamic Bugatti collection includes the MW75 Bugatti, priced at $699, the MWo8 Bugatti at $399, and the MG20 Bugatti at $599. 

The collection is available to order today. 

It comes just a month after Bugatti launched its first-ever collection of sunglasses. 

The hypercar maker paired up with optical designer Larry Sands to create 37 different pieces.

So, you can now match your Bugatti headphones to your Bugatti sunglasses as you ride your Bugatti scooter to your Bugatti hypercar. 

If you have a lot of money that is. 



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