The latest Jacob timepiece is a (pricey) tribute to the home of Bugatti

The Jacob Molsheim Edition is a fitting tribute to the small French town where Bugatti was founded, with an equally fitting 7-figure price tag.

by | Published on 22nd Mar 2023

This is the new Jacob Molsheim Edition, a tribute to the French town where the Bugatti saga began.

Based on the Jacob and Co Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, the watch is decorated with blue, white and red diamonds as a nod to the French flag.

The origin of Bugatti

Bugatti is like a mix salad of nationalities.

It was founded by an Italian, in a (then) German city that’s now part of France.

And to add to the confusion, the brand is now partly Croatian because it’s part of Rimac Group.

But after all, these are just boring technicalities because at the end of the day, the brand considers itself French.

All the special editions have French names, as does the most expensive Bugatti ever built, the $18m La Voiture Noire.

And then there’s the 110 Ans Bugatti, a limited-edition supercar with the French flag on the logo, hub caps, wing mirrors and even the rear spoiler.

Jacob decided to honor the brand with a striking watch festooned with blue sapphires, white diamonds and rubies.

There are 341 diamonds and 22.57 carats in total.

Like other Jacob timepieces based on the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, the watch features a fully-functioning W16 engine made of tiny crystals attached to the movement.

The W16 is visible on the lower half of the watch dial, right between the hands and the little ‘Jacob & Co.’ plate.

Jacob Molsheim Edition pricing

The Jacob Molsheim edition is a pièce unique, as in it’s limited to one piece only.

And the price will make you weep.

Ready? It’s $1 million.



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