$18m Bugatti La Voiture Noire spotted in Croatia wearing Swiss license plates

The one-of-one creation has been spotted in the hometown of new Bugatti brand owner, Rimac.

by | Published on 2nd Sep 2022

The one-of-one Bugatti La Voiture Noire has been spotted in Zagreb, Croatia.

Wearing a set of Swiss license plates, the pictures shared on Instagram by Shahaf Shai show the $18 million hypercar being unloaded from a truck.

The sighting is one of the first times it’s been spotted in public outside of Switzerland.

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La Voiture Noire was built to commemorate an infamously lost Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupe.

While the Type 57 is regarded to be the world’s most valuable car if found, this tribute was the most expensive new car ever sold before Rolls-Royce took the crown this year.

It’s unknown who owns the one-of-one La Voiture Noire.Some believe it to be Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo; others believe former Volkswagen boss Ferdinand Piech to be its custodian.

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Part of the reason the car might be in Croatia, however, is because it’s where Bugatti’s new majority owner Rimac is based.

The Croatian EV hypercar maker owns a 55 percent stake in the brand.

Company founder Mate Rimac is also the new CEO of Bugatti.


One previous sighting, captured by Aris Steiner, shows it wearing a different license plate: ZG-55555.

However, other pictures from earlier dates show it in Zürich wearing the same Swiss plate it had in Croatia: ZG-53952.

The exact ownership of the car, and what it’s doing in Croatia, still remains a mystery.

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