Cristiano Ronaldo buys $1 million Bugatti Chiron watch to match his hypercar

The superstar has acquired a new addition to his already impressive watch collection.

by | Published on 30th Mar 2022

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has just bought a Jacob & Co. Chiron timepiece to match his Bugatti Chiron hypercar.

Even though it’s impossible to determine an exact price tag considering this watch was made-to-order, you can safely assume the Bugatti watch price is well over US$1 million.

Founded by an Uzbek-American jewerly designer, Jacob & Co. specialises in mind-blowing timepieces with amazing attention to detail.

This particular Bugatti watch features a miniaturised (and fully functioning!) W16 engine inside the watch.

No two Chiron watches are the same, they’re all custom made as per the client’s request.

You don’t actually have to own a Chiron to buy the watch, but most customers do and they want their timepiece to match their car.

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Ronaldo became a brand ambassador for Jacob more than a decade ago and his Chiron timepiece is just incredible.

It’s made from titanium, featuring 232 baguette diamonds and 109 black sapphires, and of course the ‘CR7’ logo.

Jacob & Co. is always raising the bar when it comes the timepieces because its owner and CEO, Jacob Arabo, is willing to go the extra mile to create impossible timepieces.

For example its Astronomia Spider features an eerily realistic spider in the dial, while the Astronomia Opera Godfather has a built-in carillon.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s growing watch collection

Even though you can’t buy Ronaldo’s timepiece, the good news is you can still purchase a ‘regular’ Bugatti Chiron watch.

The regular Bugatti watch price is US$300,000.

The 37-year-old Manchester United forward boasts an impressive watch collection, which includes an 18-karat white gold Rolex GMT Master Ice, worth about US$485,000, GQ reported last year.

He also owns a Hublot Masterpiece MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis and another from Jacob & Co., a Grand Baguette Diamond, which features an 18-karat white gold pentagon case encrusted with 369 diamonds.



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