The Niniette 66 superyacht is the Bugatti Chiron of the sea

Bugatti has paired up with a yacht builder to create one of the most beautiful superyachts in the world. And it's named after Ettore Bugatti's daughter.

by | Published on 6th Feb 2023

Bugatti hypercars are undoubtedly the crème de la crème of supercars. 

But the brand doesn’t limit itself to just cars. 

It’s also got its name on watches, scooters, billiards tables, and even Lego models.  

But its most impressive collaboration? That’s where the Bugatti Niniette 66 superyacht comes in. 

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Bugatti Niniette 66 design

The French automaker partnered with yacht builder Palmer Johnson to create this luxury yacht and it’s a thing of beauty.  

At first glance, the yacht’s inspiration is obvious. 

The side profile of the Niniette 66 almost mirrors that of its road-going sibling, the Chiron, wearing the same iconic C-shaped line that Bugatti is famous for.

And just like on the Chiron, the line creates a beautiful color contrast on the yacht.


The hull and the deck are both made from carbon fiber and are finished in beautiful blue and silver tones. 

The impeccable design features don’t stop at the exterior either.


Bugatti, together with Palmer Johsnon, has designed the interior with carbon fiber, leather, and natural blue morta oak. 

The lower deck has a jucuzzi and fireplace, both of which are built from fiberglass to keep the weight of the vessel to a minimum. 

And the top deck is home to a sun lounging pad with a drinks bar in the center. 

But it’s at the front of the yacht, you’ll find the best seat in the house.

The cockpit is decked out with super high-end instruments. 

And at its center is a steering wheel that looks like it’s been lifted straight from a Chiron. 

Below deck, you’ll find a generously-sized lounge. 

And just like the deck, it’s covered in leather and naked carbon fiber. 

Overlooking the lounge is a huge horseshoe with the Bugatti logo at its center. 

Next to the lounge is a bedroom with a double bed and bathroom, so you never have to leave. 

The designers say the yacht has been designed to accommodate up to 21 people at any given time. 


The superyacht is powered by two V8 engines developed by MAN. 

At full tilt, they will power the ship to a top speed of 40 knots (about 50 miles an hour). 

Bugatti Niniette 66 name

As for the name, well, it’s quite sentimental. 

The name Niniette was actually Lidia Bugatti’s nickname. 

Lidia Bugatti, if you don’t know, was the daughter of company founder Ettore Bugatti. 

And the 66 comes from the number of examples Palmer Johnson plans to build as well as the ship’s length; 66 feet.

While the superyacht is just a concept, Palmer Johnson fully intends to build it. 

The price hasn’t yet been specified, but for a yacht of this caliber, you can expect to pay at least $4 million. 

And considering the price Bugatti hypercars go for, like the $10.7 million-dollar Profilee, that $5 million dollar price tag doesn’t seem too crazy. 



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