The Lincoln Star Concept has a see-through hood and 3D-printed pillars

by | Aug 27, 2022 - 7:00PM | Car Reviews

Lincoln has already shown us one of the most impressive concepts of the year with the L100, but the company also had another one up its sleeve.

This is the Star Concept, and like the L100, it’s been built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln.

The sleek SUV previews the design language all electric Lincoln models will wear from 2025.

Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi got an exclusive up-close look at it at the Pebble Beach Concours.

Check it out here!

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Painted a unique shade of purple called amethyst, the Lincoln Star Concept does away with traditional chrome accents.

Instead, it uses lights around the wheel arches and badges to accentuate its styling in a more unique, futuristic way.

It rides on massive 24-inch wheels which might not be practical on a production model, but certainly stand out on the concept.

At the front, it has one of the most unique features we’ve ever seen on a car – a transparent hood.

Being an electric concept, there’s no engine up front.

Instead, there’s a storage area.


The entire front bumper of the car slides out to reveal a storage drawer.

The glass hood also lets a huge amount of light inside the car.

But the compartment can dim itself when parked so people can’t see what’s inside.

Also helping the interior feel more airy are the incredible 3D-printed pillars.

Unlike traditional pillars at each corner of the cabin which are solid, those in the Lincoln Star Concept have a criss-cross pattern and are hollow in the middle.

Not only does that let more light into the cabin, but it also means they’re no longer blind spots.

Of course, there’s a massive panoramic glass roof to let in even more light.

The Star Concept also features coach doors with no central B-pillar so the interior completely opens up.

It’s all been designed around the rear seats too, which have been built for maximum comfort.

In the doors, there are special pouches for your laptop.

The pouches will not only charge it, but they will work to project your screen onto the back of the front seats.

There’s also a transparent fridge between the seats that shows off a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Between the rear seats, there are three buttons to change the ‘mood’ of the car.

So as you relax, you can have different projections of snow or the sea on the screens.

The ambient lighting will change, as will the fragrance that’s emitted inside the car.

The entire rear bumper of the car actually slides out and tilts upwards, turning into a seat.

While the Star Concept is just that – a mere concept – Lincoln says we will see elements of it in future production models.


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