This caravan transforms into a houseboat

It's the best of both worlds, but it comes at a price.

by | Published on 7th Sep 2022

Some people love caravanning and others love boats – but what if you like both?

The Caracat has been created as the answer to that exact question, as it’s a caravan that can double as a catamaran on the water.

Not only is it super functional, it’s built for comfort too.

Inside, there’s sleeping room for up to six people, with its posh sofas able to be turned into beds.

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It’s the work of German company Schneider Caravaning, and it takes exploration to a whole new level.

Three sizes are offered by the company, ranging from 6.6m (21.7ft) to 8.6m (28.2ft).


On land, the Caracat presents like any other caravan trailer that you’d hitch up behind your car.

However, on the water, it’s propelled by a small electric motor producing 8-15hp.

The power comes from rechargeable batteries that you plug in to charge like an electric car.

But there’s also a 200W solar system to extend your range while you’re out on the water as well.

Not only does it have extendable pontoons to keep it afloat, but it also expands outwards with a rear balcony and sunshade.

There’s another wooden deck on the top of the Caracat as well with its own awning that looks a bit like a convertible top from a car.

There’s also a nicely sized kitchen and bathroom, along with a pop-up sleeper roof.

The interior of the CaracatThe interior of the Caracat

Given the complexity and comfort, the Caracat doesn’t come cheap.

Pricing starts from €130,000 – that’s $128,500 at current conversion rates.

However, when you look at the price of a caravan and a boat separately, getting this all-in-one alternative makes the price far more attractive.



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