Inside the world’s only Rolls-Royce Ghost by Brabus

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This is a fully customized Brabus Rolls-Royce Ghost and it’s the only one in the world. 

Brabus hasn’t just revamped the exterior, the German tuner has also overhauled the interior and the engine. 

As a result, this ultra-luxurious Ghost is now a 700-horsepower beast.

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The first thing you notice is the beautiful black diamond paint job. 

And the next thing you might see is the carbon fiber detailing, because the Ghost has been given exquisite finishes from front to back.

At the front, it has a carbon fiber front splitter and carbon fiber framing around the grille.

The German tuner also put its touch on the Spirit of Ecstasy, covering it in chrome.


Around the back, it has a carbon fiber spoiler and a rear diffuser. 

The exhaust pipes have also been finished in titanium-carbon fiber. 

Speaking of the back end, this Rolls-Royce has possibly the most luxurious trunk in the world. 

Not only is it massive, but it’s also covered in white leather. 

Beautiful, yes. Practical, probably not. 


Just like the trunk, the interior cabin is covered in white leather. 

And because Rolls-Royce knows its buyers often like to be chauffeured around, the backseat is the star of the show. 

There’s a carbon fiber table hidden behind the two front seats that can be popped out by the backseat passengers.

And there’s also a screen that sits above it.

In the center console, the backseat passengers have full control over the infotainment center. 

And behind that, is the iconic Rolls-Royce fridge with, of course, champagne flutes. 

The upgraded luxury continues in the front with a huge carbon fiber panel that sweeps from one side of the dashboard to the other. 

Underneath the classic Rolls-Royce clock, is a Brabus Masterpiece badge – letting guests know exactly what they have the privilege of riding in.

And if they don’t notice it there, they’ll notice it on the front seats.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Engine 

The Rolls-Royce Ghost now has a 12-cylinder engine that produces a staggering 700hp, propelling the car from 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds. 

Considering all this, you might be wondering about the price. 

Well, the German tuner is asking a hair under 650,000 euros for this one-of-a-kind Ghost. 


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