F1 in Las Vegas – everything you need to know

by | Apr 1, 2022 - 10:06AM | Cars

The circling rumours of a Formula 1 race in Las Vegas are true, with the bright lights of The Strip providing the backdrop to a night race from 2023.

Las Vegas previously hosted races in 1981 and 1982. Needless to say, they weren’t the most memorable or successful events in the history of F1.

But this time, on the back of the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive, the F1 is riding a wave of fandom.

And in the luxury world of F1, Las Vegas is the perfect match with its $100,000 penthouses with giant shark tanks.

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When will the Las Vegas F1 race take place?

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place next November on a Saturday to be determined.

It’ll become the third race in the United States, joining Miami and Austin.

What do I need to know about the Las Vegas F1 track?

This will also be the first time F1 cars will race on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, with the circuit sweeping past world-famous hotels and casinos.

The 14-turn track will run for 6.12km with top speeds expected to hit about 342kmh.

The design features three straights, a high-speed cornering sequence and a single chicane section, with the Grand Prix to be run over 50 laps.

Image: Formula 1

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With the 2022 regulations already promoting closer racing, the Las Vegas Grand Prix could see some incredibly close wheel-to-wheel action throughout the race.

Other F1 street circuits include Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and the jewel in the F1 crown that is Monaco.

All of these have had memorable and edge of your seat races over the years – and Vegas looks set to follow suit.

“We eagerly anticipate the moment when the history, energy and momentum of Formula 1 will culminate in an unforgettable Saturday night on the Las Vegas Strip. Spectators will experience the unrivalled thrill of watching these world-class drivers race through what is sure to become one of the most iconic racetracks in the world. – Steve Hill, CEO and President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Where can I watch the Las Vegas GP?

Las Vegas is known for its multitude of ultra-luxurious hotels. So we’d safely say if you want to attend, you’ll be spoiled for choice. What makes some of them stand out even more though is that you could watch the race from your balcony.

Turns 9-11 of the proposed track feature a long back straight to the course. This is where we could see some mighty fast over taking. So how cool would it be to watch that happen from the comfort of your hotel room?

Both the Bellagio Hotel and Caesar’s Palace look set to be in pole position to watch this.

The world famous venues will give guests a brilliant vantage point to watch from and are only a stone’s throw away from the grandstands that will surround the track.

Caesar’s Palace is also a founding partner for the race.

So you might want to keep an eye out to see if there’s any Grand Prix packages to be had closer to the time.

They also have a history with F1 as the 1982 Grand Prix took place in its carpark. Not quite as glamourous as the 2023 edition.

Turns 5, 6 and 7 could also offer some great overtaking opportunities on track. The backdrop will also be out of this world with the MSG Sphere in the background for that part of the course.

Guests of the Venetian Hotel (another founding partner for the Grand Prix) at that part of the track will also get an excellent view where we might see some crafty overtakes.

Finally, the MGM Grand Hotel will surely give you the best of both worlds too. One thing’s for sure, wherever you stay in Vegas, this F1 weekend is going to be an unreal experience.

How has the internet reacted?

There’s been a mixed reaction to the news so far.

The drivers seem happy to be going to Las Vegas as are many of the fans.

F1 2022 calendar

Round 3 – Australia (April 8-10)

Round 4 – Italy (April 22-24)

Round 5 – United States (May 6-8)

Round 6 – Spain (May 20-22)

Round 7 – Monaco (May 27-29)

Round 8 – Azerbaijan (June 10-12)

Round 9 – Canada (June 17-19)

Round 10 – Great Britain (July 1-3)

Round 11 – Austria (July 8-10)

Round 12 – France (July 22-24)

Round 13 – Hungary (July 29-31)

Round 14 – Belgium (26-28)

Round 15 – Netherlands (September 2-4)

Round 16 – Italy (September 9-11)

Round 17 – Singapore (September 30 – October 2)

Round 18 – Japan (October 7-9)

Round 19 – United States (October 21-23)

Round 20 – Mexico (October 28-30)

Round 21 – Brazil (November 11-13)

Round 22 – Abu Dhabi (November 18-20)



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