Larte Design covers the Cadillac Escalade in disco lights

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The Cadillac Escalade is a firm favorite for celebrities trying to escape unwanted attention.

But with this body kit by Larte Design, the Escalade is anything but subtle.

The body kit is called ‘Esthete‘, and it’s been designed to make the Escalade look “even bigger, stronger and sportier”.

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The bold new carbon fiber grille is far from the biggest change.

Larte Design has actually covered the Escalade in RGB lights that project colors.

The lights are everywhere, from inside the hood scoop to the front lip.

They also run down the entire length of the side steps.

They’re even integrated into the existing light housings both front and rear, and some are wrapped around the front badge.

If that’s not enough, the lights can change color and flash too.


Aside from the lights, the Larte Design body kit has 18 different pieces.

They include the carbon fiber grille, as well as a carbon fiber front splitter.

There’s an aggressive new hood included in the kit as well.

At the rear, it boasts a carbon fiber splitter, as well as a matching garnish under the rear window.

The massive 24-inch forged wheels add to the new, beastly look too.

Given Larte Design only fits the Escalade with a body kit and no performance modifications, the company claims it won’t void the factory warranty.

It also cites an installation time of just six hours to transform the look of your Escalade.

Check out our review of the Cadillac Escalade:


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